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Lithium-Ion Battery

This is one lithium-ion battery with 100's to pick from. Solar system emergency backup power.

Backup Power You Can Depend On

We believe that everyone should have at least one battery in case there is a blackout at night. The battery below will keep your lights on at night and will charge back up during the day.

3500 Cycles from a dead battery to fully charged one. That's over 9 years of life.
Great for your home solar panel system!

Lithium-Ion Battery Backup

Lion Energy Safari UT 1300's

This The Lion Energy Safari UT 1300's are the brand-new creation of battery innovation. Due to the fact that they call for absolutely no upkeep as well as come with a LIFETIME guarantee & 3500 cycle assurance, you'll like exactly how simple these kinds of batteries are.

They change conventional deep-cycle lead acid batteries with the best Lithium-- Iron Phosphate. It genuinely is "plug and also play"-- eliminate the deep cycle lead acid battery from your photovoltaic panel watercraft, system or motor home as well as change it with this superior-performing battery.

The lithium-ion innovation in these types of batteries suggests they will certainly outlive any type of lead-acid battery by years. A life time service warranty backs them, will certainly last over 3500+ full lifecycles, as well as will certainly have an integrated BMS (battery monitoring system), making these types of 105 amp hr, 23 pounds lithium batteries the very best on the marketplace. Perfect for any type of "solar energy systems," whether off-grid, in your recreational vehicle, a Van Conversion, or altering out your old watercraft batteries.

The most effective LiFePO4 solar panels cash can purchase! And also, it includes a Lifetime Warranty.

What are Lion Safari 1300 Solar Energy Batteries Favorite For?

Wish to change the batteries in your recreational vehicle? - No trouble! Drop it in your new UT 1300's, as well as you're great to go.

Required batteries for your van camper conversion? - No issue! Simply include as lots of UT 1300's as you require. One is commonly adequate!

Wish to transform out your watercraft's batteries? - No trouble! Decrease in the brand-new UT 1300's, you're excellent to go!

Attributes & Benefits of Lion Safari UT 1300 Lithium Batteries

Life Cycle Of This Backup Battery

The UT 1300's have several of the highest-rated lifecycles on the marketplace. Flaunting 3500+ lifecycles at 100% DOD indicates that you can completely release your battery everyday for virtually 10 years without a reduction in its capability.

  • Weight & Dimensions - Their weight as well as dimension are absolutely amazing for the quantity of power you leave these kinds of batteries. They evaluate simply over 20 extra pounds as well as coincide 24 Group Size as various other batteries.

  • Life/Charge Retention - One thing you will certainly like regarding these types of batteries is just how maintenance-free they are. You do not need to take care of liquids (considering that it does not have any type of) as you would certainly with an FLA battery, and also you do not require to utilize it or perhaps flow cost it every 3-4 months either. You do not need to eliminate it from your lorry to save it for following period. The UT 1300 can hold its fee for as much as (2) years as well as be charged afterwards time.

  • Life time Warranty - That's right, a life time service warranty. Positive in the Safari UT 1300 that the battery cells are ensured, also under the severe usage of optimum cost and also discharge prices, to last at the very least 3,500 cycles (releasing as well as billing and also billing once more). Lots of people will not function it that hard, so if you utilize it as lots of people do, anticipate it to last at the very least 5,000 cycles. The guarantee isn't restricted to "time" yet instead the usage as well as ability of the cells in the battery.

Prices Of Lithium-Ion Batteries

This is just a starter battery for your solar panel system. Smaller lithium-ion batteries are available with prices starting as low as $350. A small battery will keep one light on and your internet connection and computer up and running. Most people want more so they go with a larger battery like the one above.

Battery prices can go up to $50,000 and more. Most people will not want to spend that much. A battery that is from $4,000 to $10,000 in price is more desirable. You can even start with a battery costing around $2,000 that can be added on to. One battery after another, and just keep adding as you want.

Easy to install batteries in parallel attaches to the next battery with two wires or plugs. Just keep adding 2KW batteries until you get your desired system. With a much larger system you will be able to run your air conditioner, freezer, microwave, lights and much more at night.

What I recommend is making a safe room in your house. This safe room would have a small window air conditioner around 5,000 to 6,000 BTU's, lights, computer or small TV, internet connection and charging for your cell phones. You can run this room with very little electricity. You can even add your refrigerator depending on size system you go with. All that will be needed is the battery above and 1,200 to 2,000 watts worth of solar panels.

4 to 6 - 300Watt solar panels. Panels cost about $325 each.
Lithium Ion Battery shown above cost about $900 with wiring.

More coming about going off-grid using lithium-ion batteries. Visit Rockwall Solar Panels to learn about on and off grid battery backup systems.